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Rent a cage mma

MMA rings (octagons) are equilateral octagonal platforms, fenced with strong walls made of chain-link mesh, about 2 meters high. They are used in gyms to organize mixed martial arts competitions. The cost of a product with a diameter of 5.5 m is about 2.5 thousand dollars. This is a large amount for many sports organizations. Therefore, there is a rental of an MMA cage from our company. Conditions for renting a ring for mixed martial arts Rings come in a variety of sizes, styles, with or without a platform. The company operates in the legal field of the state. The rental of an MMA cage is secured by signing an agreement and providing permits, if necessary. Thanks to this, MMA cage rentals can be arranged even for competitions with exacting standards requirements. The appearance of the ring is combined with the design of the gym. During the rental of MMA cages, the client selects the dimensions of the platform, the presence of additional elements and specifies the rental period. This is convenient for holding one-time, as well as complex competitions. Our company provides rent of an octagon of the following characteristics: attractive design; octagons with a platform are equipped with ladders for the entry of fighters into the ring; the floor of the platform is covered with soft PVC fabric 40 mm thick; the size of the mat exceeds the working space; strict adherence to approved standards. Renting MMA cages from our company implies product compliance with safety rules. Mixed martial arts have a high risk of injury. This applies to both fighters and spectators. To prevent such cases, the rental of an MMA cage for a tournament is subject to safety standards. The walls of the platform are equipped with durable metal chain-link, and the welded structures are equipped with a soft coating. Renting an MMA cage is done by sending an application to our website. Octagon rental is provided exactly on time at affordable prices. This allows you to equip gyms with a limited budget. The departure of the company's employees for the assembly of the structure is provided. Why choose us, our guarantees Renting an octagon is an affordable way to equip a hall for fighting training and MMA competitions. In addition, equipment in our company can be rented or purchased by product groups: Sports Equipment; hall equipment; equipment items. Buyers receive advice on the basics of care and safe use of equipment. The rental of MMA cages also complies with these rules. Warranties are met. The range includes products of our own production. This allows you to reduce the price of goods and provide prompt service. Renting an MMA ring for competitions is issued for a specified period.

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