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Octagon cage for MMA, diameter 8 m, taking into account the step on the platform 1 m The basis for the octagon is the platform. The platform consists of a frame welded from Ukrainian-made metal, decking from plywood sheets, re-foamed foam mats and a durable PVC fabric cover. The design of the platform is made in the form of a regular octagon and consists of trusses and support pillars, which are located at the tops and in the center of the platform. Trusses are attached to the supporting pillars, on which plywood floors and mats are laid. The mats are covered with a PVC fabric cover. Connection of PVC elements is carried out by thermal welding. Combination of colors at the choice of the customer. Along the perimeter, the platform is closed with a textile skirt. The working space of the platform along the perimeter is limited by a metal frame with a stretched metal mesh. In one or two (optional) cells of the fence there is a door for the entrance of athletes and a judge. All elements of the fence, inside the working space of the octagon, are closed with soft protectors. Steps are included for climbing to the platform. At the request of the customer, it is possible to apply the logo of the club or sponsors. Contents of delivery: support poles Farms Plywood boards with fasteners Foam mats PVC cover Mesh fencing boards Soft protectors Scaffold skirt steps


Sportko eng
Coating Армированная ткань ПВХ
Diameter 8 м
Fence height 2 м
Platform base фанера
The height of the platform from the floor 1 м
Каркасс метал
Маты ППЭ

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Octagon cage for MMA, diameter 8 m, on the platform 1 m

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  • Product Code:   Клетка Октагон для ММА диаметр 8 м на помосте 1 м
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