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The SPORTKO company is a manufacturer and seller of equipment and equipment for boxing, martial arts and other, all kinds of sports. With our help, you can equip a small home corner, a large sports hall or a specialized club with everything you need. Buying sports goods and equipment from us, you can be sure of their highest quality and favorable, competitive prices. We manufacture these products ourselves and give a long-term warranty on their operation. Everything for boxing and martial arts We offer boxing professionals and amateurs: boxing bags; boxing pears; boxing gloves; boxing paws, pads; protection; brackets; rings; Equipment The boxing shop has everything you need for boxing and martial arts: SPORTKO helmets; protection for shins and feet; belts; vests. Also, here you can buy accessories that help protect the body from injuries and increase the effectiveness of training. Among the important elements of equipment, a special place is given to protecting the head from blows. On our website, there are models of SPORTKO helmets that differ in head girth. They are intended for children, adults and are made of leather or high-quality vinyl filled with recycled foam. Convenient design, wide Velcro on the back of the head, different colors of helmets, affordable price - these are the advantages of our head protection. The products are provided with a 1 year warranty. Among the sporting goods of the online store, there are two-color boxing gloves in stock and in assortment. They are made of high quality leather or leather, filled with latex and PVV. The models are certified and intended for use in amateur games at the national level of Ukraine. Among the models there are gloves for demonstration games and training for sparring. In the presence of souvenir gloves and gift gloves for autographs. Important elements of boxing equipment are boxing paws, with the help of which punches are practiced. They are straight and curved. Straight models are for practicing straight kicks. Curved paws sit most comfortably on the hand and are intended for practicing hooks, uppercuts, and swings. We offer feet made of leather with foam padding. For lovers of Muay Thai, we have leather pads made of PCP. Inventory Boxing bags SPORTKO are an equipment with a whole list of possibilities. With its help, you can hone your skills, develop battle tactics, calculate the force of the blow. The online boxing store offers several types of boxing bag fastening: on the wall; on the ceiling; on a free-standing structure. Products are hung using special brackets, which you can also buy from us. The website presents varieties of boxing bags. They differ in weight, size and have different inner fillings. The colors of the bags are bright and colorful, looking at them is a pleasure to work with. Products are made of durable, high quality materials: whole leather; leather belts; polyvinyl chloride; Punching bags are filled with different materials. This could be: foam rubber crumb; rubber crumb; sawdust, rags; straw; tyrsa; shock-absorbing foam; rod with sand. To practice certain skills, you will need boxing bags of different shapes: cylindrical; bags "Silhouette". Some models can be hung horizontally. The punching bag is a versatile piece of equipment for training at home and in the gym. We offer the following types of punching bags: drop-shaped; pears with stretch marks; pears with chains; pears with a ring. The bright colors of our products are pleasing to the eye. The tops of the pears can be made of leather or PVC. The filler is foam rubber, crumb rubber and sawdust. Also, we offer the buyer rings, mats and cages. In the presence of boxing rings on the platform and floor rings. If the ring of your gym is old, damaged and not suitable for training, we will help to restore it, which will be much cheaper than buying a new ring. Our store offers customers mats made of foam rubber, durable leather vinyl and Octagon training cages of various sizes. The range of sporting goods of the online store is much wider than everything for boxing. Equipment for gyms To fully train an athlete, it is necessary to create a comfortable and safe environment in the training hall. The better and more varied it is equipped in general and the place for boxing training in particular, the more effective the classes will be and the faster the desired result will be obtained. Boxing includes not only the process of boxing with a punching bag or an opponent, but also a warm-up of the whole body, training of all muscle groups. To do this, you will need modern equipment, which is offered in large quantities by our online boxing store. It: horizontal bars; disks; Swedish walls; hi