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Boxing equipment will be required for professionals and amateurs of different levels to practice punches and acquire the necessary skills in the game. The punching bag is hung in gyms, clubs, rings and is an integral part of training. Very often it is used as a simulator at home by adolescents and young people for relaxation, reaction training and gaining self-confidence. Punching bag training is beneficial. If they are carried out constantly, then they strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, legs of a person, give strength, develop dexterity, and speed of reaction. This makes it possible to withstand a conflict situation, to win in the ring in battle. A punching bag for real drummers To practice punches in boxing, boxing bags and pears are used. The effectiveness of training for both amateurs and professionals depends on their quality. There is a significant difference between a bag and a pear. The pear resembles the head of an opponent. It is small in size and weight. On it, short and long punches are practiced. Strikes on a pear hone the accuracy and speed of striking, improve the technique of techniques. If, during the impact, the surface of the pear is not pressed through, it means that it is incorrectly selected and the impact time does not occur. The punching bag is more versatile. With its help, you can practice punches and kicks. There are many benefits to this. The bag helps to engage the legs - a part of the body that is not appreciated enough in training. In addition, the bag simulates an opponent in approximate dimensions and swaying from side to side. Features of Sportko boxing bags The Sportko company is a manufacturer of sports goods. We know very well what they should be in order for training to help you quickly and effectively achieve victory in battles. Boxing bags of our production are made of high quality and durable materials. All products are guaranteed for 12 months. Based on many years of experience, our specialists have developed standards for the selected sizes, dimensions, weight of boxing bags. The materials for the manufacture of products are high-quality leather or durable polyvinyl chloride. PVC punching bag is most demanded by buyers because of the optimal ratio of quality and price. For professional boxing, leather punching bags are most suitable. Available in a variety of bag colors that are a pleasure to work with. For training, the optimal shape of a boxing bag is used - a cylinder. Such a suspended structure is considered to be the most successful. In our store you will find boxing bags designed for different weight categories of athletes. You can choose the right one in the extensive catalog on the website. The filling of Sportko bags is shock-absorbing foam, rags, sawdust, foam crumbs. You can also buy models with a sand rod in a case. For hanging boxing bags, special brackets are used, which you can buy in our store. Bags with their help have different placement options: on the wall; on the ceiling; on a free-standing structure. For hanging products, chains and rings are used. Views Boxing bags are divided into professional and amateur. They are also distinguished according to their functional characteristics. At Sportko you can buy: boxing bags made of PVC; leather boxing bags; boxing bag in the form of a man; professional leather bags; horizontal leather bags. Where to buy a punching bag? In our online store there is an extensive range of equipment for boxing, martial arts and a wide variety of sports. Our products are designed for amateurs and professionals, adults and children. Experienced managers will help you to choose and purchase a bag for boxing. You can buy bags without filler from us, as well as with filler. The price of products is affordable with the best quality and long service life with a guarantee. Fast delivery of sporting goods is carried out in Kiev and all regions of Ukraine. Payment is made in any convenient way. We cooperate with individuals and wholesale customers. For regular customers, special prices are set, which allow significant savings. Make an order on our website or by phone +38 (063) 120-32-84. Call now!