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Dovetail tatami mats (sports budo mats)

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Combat sports are gaining more and more popularity every year. For this reason, it has become an urgent need to develop a special covering for the halls in which daily trainings, as well as competitions and major championships, take place. The long-lasting dovetail sports mats are ideal for kickboxing, judo, karate and more. Elastic mats prevent injuries and bruises for athletes and provide maximum comfort and safety during physical activity. In the SPORTKO online store, any resident of Ukraine will be able to choose a covering for a sports hall from the manufacturer at a reasonable price. Advantages of dovetail tatami mats The dovetail tatami mat from the SPORTKO company, reminiscent of children's puzzles, has a number of advantages. The main advantages of our budo mats: materials that are harmless to human health are used for their manufacture; ribbed non-slip surface ensures foot stability during training; they are convenient, mobile, transported and assembled quickly and without problems; provide additional thermal insulation of the hall, reducing the cost of heating it; both sides can be used for classes; do not require special care and are easy to clean; provide good sound insulation. SPORTKO produces budo mats, the price of which depends on the density of the product. In our online store you can purchase mats of standard thickness from 20 to 40 mm. We will make under the order a denser dovetail mat, the price of which is negotiated on an individual basis. Types and sizes of budo mats Sports mat dovetail price depends on the thickness and pattern of the model. Thicker products are more expensive but provide the athlete with a high degree of protection against injury. Types of dovetail mats by thickness: 10–20 mm. The thinnest dovetail budo mats are worth buying for practicing without sharp throws - aerobics, fitness, martial arts. The main load in these sports is distributed on the legs, so a too soft surface will only interfere with maintaining balance. 25-30 mm. Versatile thickness that allows you to stand firmly on your feet while preventing injury in the event of a fall. Medium-thick budo mats should be bought for sports in which there are practically no falls. 35-40 mm. Designed for wrestling and sports with frequent and violent falls. The thick and resilient coating provides the feet with stability and high cushioning. 50 mm. Dovetail budo mats, extreme in terms of amortization, can be bought only by individual order. Budo mats differ in design, but they serve a practical rather than aesthetic function: For taekwondo, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and twist-style dancing, you need to buy budo mats with a cross-like pattern. For sports with an emphasis on the legs, models with diagonal zigzags are ideal. Especially for taekwondo, a dovetail tatami mat with a pattern in the form of vertical or horizontal stripes, placed in sections 10x10 mm, was developed. For Chinese martial arts, fitness and gymnastics, dovetail sports mats Ukraine are ideal, which consist of alternating squares (10x10 mm) of curved vertical and horizontal lines. For sports with a lot of shots, it is recommended to choose models with a pattern of thin curving stripes in the form of a lane. The size of budo mats is standard - 1x1 m, which allows you to swap the component parts of a single structure in halls with a large area. How to choose a mat tatami dovetail If you need a dovetail mat, the price of which depends on the filler, when choosing, pay attention to the following parameters: Does the manufacturer provide product quality certificates? Their presence is a guarantee of the absence of an unpleasant odor and the declared level of depreciation. The thickness of the product. For comfortable and safe training, you need to buy budo mats of the optimal thickness for a particular sport. Filler type. Secondary foamed polyurethane foam (PPU VV) is characterized by high shock absorption and wear resistance. Polyethylene foam is a lightweight but resilient material with soundproofing and waterproofing properties. The number of working sides. Reversible dovetail sports mats last 2 times longer, so the savings are clear. Docking reliability. In the places where the tatami mat is fixed, the dovetail should not have gaps, otherwise the individual elements will move apart in different directions. Athletes and owners of gyms, for whom off-site competitions with their own equipment are relevant, need to buy dovetail budo mats, because they are easily transported and assembled in a new place. Why buy a dovetail tatami mat made by SPORTKO SPORTKO has been producing gym equipment and sports equipment for over 12 years. We can offer an affordable cost of the mat due to the presence of our own