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Boxing pears

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The necessary equipment for practicing the skills of striking with hands and feet are punching bags and punching bags. Without their help, it is impossible to achieve good results in training and achieve victory in battle. Boxing bags resemble a silhouette of a person and simulate the rocking of his body from side to side. With their help, direct and tangential blows are practiced with both hands and feet. Punching bags resemble the opponent's head and help to work out short and long punches. The shells are suspended at the level of the partner's head. They are a versatile workout tool for home and gym workouts. Types of punching bags For the manufacture of punching bags, high-quality and durable materials are used. They take impact well, are durable and practical. According to the type of material of manufacture, the shells are divided into those made from: natural leather; natural belt leather; lightweight skin; polyvinyl chloride. The most expensive and high quality pears are made of genuine leather. However, this material tends to stretch, so belt leather is used for professional training. Pears sewn from leather belts are more durable and do not lose their shape over the years. PVC punching bags are practical and inexpensive. Mostly athletes use them in their training. For the manufacture of a pneumatic bag, special, light leather and an inflatable rubber chamber are used. Because of this, it easily sways on the articulated mountings and enables the athlete to develop speed qualities, to work out the accuracy of hitting. Boxing equipment is filled with foam rubber, crumb rubber and sawdust. Why buy punching bags from us? In Ukraine, you can buy punching bags in our online store. The Sportko company is not only a distributor, but also a manufacturer of a wide variety of products for sports and competitions. You can buy punching bags from us: drop-shaped; on stretch marks; with chains; with a ring. All products are made of quality materials using the latest equipment. We provide certificates and guarantees for each type of product. It is easy to choose the right bag for your workouts on our website. Take a look at our catalog! Real photos and detailed descriptions will help you find and buy what you need. Prices are affordable! A system of discounts has been developed for wholesale buyers. From us you can inexpensively buy both one punching bag and equip a gym. The large assortment includes visually attractive and functional drop-shaped SPORTKO punching bags. They have a sturdy metal hinge for ceiling mounting. The weight can be adjusted according to the client. For practicing at home, this is the perfect offer. Drop pears with ring and chains are most suitable for training and competition in the gym. The inner seams of the bag, the outer skirt of the products are stitched with spunbond - a durable artificial material made of polypropylene to seal the packing. The cost of boxing pears is affordable and reasonable. It depends on the quality and type of sporting goods. Payment is made in a way convenient for you. We will pack and deliver punching bags to Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and any, the most remote corner of Ukraine. Make your order now!