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Pneumatic bags

"Speed Running" Platform  SPORTKO PRO
"Speed Running" Platform SPORTKO PRO

The frame is made of high-quality metal and powder coated with long-term baking at high temperature...

9,800 грн.

"Speed Running" Platform SPORTKO
"Speed Running" Platform SPORTKO

The "Speed ​​Beg" frame of the platform is made of a 40x40 mm square profile. The frame is attached ..

3,000 грн.

Platform with height adjustment 100x30, d-70
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The pneumatic bag is a convenient and versatile projectile. Made from premium leather, it's perfect for the gym or at home. Both for those who only put a blow, and for those who bring this blow to perfection. We have the pear you are looking for. Our online store, proudly offers you a range of punching bags, bags and their characteristics. Each product in this category positions itself as strong, reliable and durable. All punching bags are filled with quality, time-tested stuffing. Whether you're a professional or amateur boxer, SportKO is the one online shopping stop where you need to see everything you need to know about boxing. Together with the purchase of boxing equipment from a Ukrainian manufacturer, you get confidence in the quality and reliability of our equipment!