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Martial arts gloves

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There are many varieties of martial arts, including karate, boxing, MMA, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat, etc., that require personal protective equipment. Particular attention is paid to gloves, properly selected products will not only protect hands from injury, but also provide comfort during the training process, fights. Martial arts gloves can directly affect a boxer's efficiency, speed, and punching technique. That is why their choice is given special attention. In Ukraine, you can buy martial arts gloves at an affordable price in the SPORTKO online store.

Types of gloves for martial arts

When choosing gloves for martial arts, you need to understand their purpose. For almost every type of martial art, there is a specially designed model. So, for example, the characteristic features of boxing gloves are that they are completely closed, they fix the hand well, have thumb protection, and reduce the impact force. Gloves for mixed martial arts (MMA) have an open palm, which in turn allows you to perform painful holds, throws. Similarly, each type of gloves can be characterized. Learn more about the types of martial arts gloves below.

Boxing gloves

Depending on the purpose, boxing gloves are divided into the following categories: projectile, training, weighted, professional. Shell gloves are designed to work with a pear, paws and bags. They cannot be used during sparring. They are the lightest in weight. Weighted protection is also needed for the training process using equipment. Training gloves are used during sparring, they have double protection for the athlete and his opponent. Professional gloves are the hallmark of each manufacturer, it is in them that fighters enter the ring. Structurally, all types of boxing gloves are similar, they are completely closed, have protection for the thumb. The weight of professional boxing gloves is 8-10 ounces, which means they are quite heavy.

Projectile gloves

There are varieties that are designed exclusively for work on shells, thanks to which the products got their name - shell gloves. They are used to practice punching techniques on such sports equipment as bags, pears, paws, etc. This type of gloves is strictly forbidden to use during sparring. Due to the low weight of the products (4-8 ounces) and a rather hard surface, it is possible to harm the enemy. Projectile martial arts gloves have a free cut of the thumb and very dense padding that protects the joints well. The fixation of such products is carried out with Velcro, this allows you to better feel the impact. Some types of projectile gloves have fingers cut off, this is done in order to practice gripping techniques and other maneuvers where the brush is actively involved.

MMA gloves

Translated from English, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is translated as mixed martial arts. Most often, the abbreviation is used to refer to this sport. As with all types of martial arts, there is a special model of MMA gloves. Products have an open palm, which distinguishes them from other varieties. This design feature allows you to protect yourself from injury during the fight. An athlete in MMA gloves reliably protects the hands, and the opponent does not receive serious bruises and cuts. These open-handed martial arts gloves make it easy to do throws, grabs, and other moves during combat. There are also training models, they are more closed, the fist and thumb have enhanced protection. Outwardly, they look like boxing gloves, great for the MMA training process.

Karate pads

There are two types of gloves or pads for karate - fabric or vinyl with an open palm. The latter are certified by the national and international karate federations (UKF and WKF). Often athletes use gloves for martial arts MMA according to the WKF standard. In turn, WKF gloves come in two directions - with and without thumb protection. Buy a model should be solely based on the needs of the athlete. Linings for karate perfectly protect the hands during the impact, cushion them. Gloves are equipped with special cuffs. There are cuffs in the form of an elastic band, which fits the wrist very tightly and with Velcro. Both varieties serve as an additional fixation for the hands during the training process and sparring.

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