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Gym wall mats - soft wall protectors

Wall protectors Sportko soft wall cladding
Wall protectors Sportko soft wall cladding

Price for 1 sq.m. Material: PVC Filler: PPE The size can be adjusted according to the clien..

1,100 грн.

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Soft wall protectors are designed to prevent injury to athletes. They install mats for the walls of the gym around the perimeter of the room and in the most dangerous areas: columns, corners and even on heating radiators in gyms, around wrestling mats and tatami mats, near basketball backboards, etc. The SPORTKO company offers to buy mats for the walls of the gym of its own production at a factory price. By contacting us, you can order the size of the product you need. Thanks to the use of polyethylene foam (PPE) as a filler, wall protectors have excellent shock-absorbing properties, excellent heat and noise insulation. Our soft wall protection made of PVC fabric is resistant to high loads, so its service life is calculated in decades. Official quality guarantee - 12 months. Requirements for mats for gym walls The main requirements that are put forward for mats for the walls of the gym relate to the material of the cover. Most often it is made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride and a reinforcing mesh made of lavsan cord. Note that PVC fabric was originally developed as an awning for trucks, so it has very high characteristics of resistance to physical and thermal influences. In addition, PVC has anti-slip properties, it is durable, environmentally friendly and does not emit toxic substances. As a filler, the following are commonly used: ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam (PPE, PPE HX). Such wall mat fillers are resistant to physical impact, have good hygroscopic properties and are easy to maintain. If we compare soft wall protectors made of PPE with earlier models made of PPV, then their density characteristics are the same, however, foam polyethylene mats weigh 4 times less than analogues, and they last longer: about 10 years or more, while PPV products - maximum 5-6 years. Another requirement concerns thickness and density. So wall mats for aerobics can be 4 cm thick with a density of 45 kg / m³, and protection for a hall in which acrobatics or martial arts are practiced - from 10 cm and 165 kg / m³, respectively. Types of protective soft protectors on the walls The division into types occurs according to the following criteria: shape and purpose - for walls (standard rectangular models), for columns, partitions and other elements (non-standard models); frame - wall mats of a frame (with a special, shape-supporting base) or frameless modification; fastening - with Velcro, with guides made of wood or metal, fastening with mounting glue; type of coating - you can buy soft wall protectors quick-detachable, removable or non-removable. When choosing one or another type of protectors, take into account the features of the gym, the materials and finishes of the walls, the frequency of use and the specifics of the design of the protectors themselves. How to choose a vertical sheeting for the gym? In this matter, the purpose of the premises plays a major role. So for a children's training complex, mats for the walls of the gym with a thickness of 2 cm are suitable. If, however, professional athletes take classes in the gym, you should give preference to protectors from 4 cm. Contact a company that offers custom-made mats. So you can buy mats for the walls of the gym, which are ideal for the parameters of the room and the traumatic elements present in it. Why buy SPORTKO gym wall mats? Trading company SPORTKO is a leading manufacturer of sports equipment and outfit in Ukraine. We use modern manufacturing technologies, reliable and environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, the finished product meets the highest quality requirements. You can order or immediately buy mats for the walls of the gym from us, based on individual requirements. We will take into account all your wishes and produce turnkey products as soon as possible with delivery to any region of the country. It is possible to exchange goods or return funds in accordance with applicable law. Note that our prices are lower than market prices. This is facilitated by our own production, the exclusion of unnecessary intermediaries in the work and well-thought-out supply logistics. Contact us!