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Medicine balls

Ball Medball Sportko Leather 1kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 1kg

Ball Medball Sportko Leather 1kg..

680 грн.

Ball Medball Sportko Leather 2kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 3kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 4kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 5kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 6kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 7kg
Ball Medball Sportko Leather 8kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 1kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 1kg


450 грн.

Ball Medball Sportko PVC 2 kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 3 kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 4kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 5kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 6kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 7kg
Ball Medball Sportko PVC 8kg
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Medicine ball or medicine ball is a special sports equipment that is used as a weighting agent. Medicine ball training is popular among professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and physically active people of all ages. It is worth buying a stuffed medicine ball for performing power throwing, as well as supporting exercises. You can buy a unique medical ball sports equipment at an affordable price, so in the last decade it has been very popular among professionals and amateur athletes. You can use medicine balls in outdoor training, and if you buy an additional gymnastic mat, then indoors. What is a medball A standard medicine ball is a ball that is stuffed with fine fraction substances - sawdust, sand, rubber crumb. Such fillers absorb the force of impact, so medicine balls do not bounce when in contact with a hard surface. Functional training in the CrossFit and HIIT systems is hard to imagine without weights, so CrossFit medicine balls are an important component of strength training. However, the scope of stuffed balls is not limited to CrossFit. Balls of various weights make it easy to regulate physical activity, so medballs are increasingly chosen by older people to maintain muscle tone and sparing the development of joints. The lightest stuffed ball weighing 1-2 kg is used by professional athletes during the recovery and rehabilitation period after injuries. Today's popular medicine ball can be bought by people who dream of losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and improving coordination of movements. Its use diversifies the usual workouts and makes them much more effective. The ball can not only be thrown against the wall or the floor - there are a lot of exercises with a medicine ball. A heavy medicine ball can easily replace kettlebells and dumbbells, and if desired, it can be combined with other equipment. The virtual catalog of sports equipment of the SPORTKO online store will allow you to choose and purchase quality goods from the manufacturer with delivery throughout Ukraine. What are crossfit medicine balls made of? SPORTKO produces medicine balls for crossfit from two materials - polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and genuine leather. A high-quality medicine ball made of polymer vinyl is durable, therefore it is used for intensive training with high loads. The non-slip surface allows you to securely fix the medicine balls in your hand, which ensures comfortable and safe performance of strength exercises. PVC is elastic, resistant to mechanical abrasion, and medicine balls for crossfit are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. Polyvinyl chloride does not collapse under the influence of direct sunlight and does not allow moisture to pass through, so buying Kyiv medicine ball from PVC is a profitable solution. Genuine leather, due to its excellent performance properties, is considered the best material for sewing a medicine ball. It does not crack or tear even in the case of regular intensive use. Leather medicine balls for crossfit are hypoallergenic, durable and not subject to deformation. They retain their original appearance for more than 3 years, while their price is quite affordable. Medical stuffed ball can have a weight of 1 to 20 kg. When choosing a projectile, the type of exercises and the general physical preparation of the athlete are taken into account. The most popular models weighing 1, 2, 5 and 10 kg. For beginners, experts do not advise too heavy medicine ball to buy Kyiv, because the quality of training is primarily affected by the correct execution technique, and not the weight of the ball. If we compare medicine balls, then the best option would be a product weighing 1, 2 and 3 kg, and to gradually increase the load, more approaches must be done. Projectiles weighing more than 10 kg are chosen by professional athletes who practice throwing technique and strength training. If CrossFit medicine balls are used as a support during training, then choose products with a diameter of more than 23 cm. The smaller the diameter of the medicine ball, the more difficult it is to perform the exercises. Why buy medballs from us? The SPORTKO company is a manufacturer of sports equipment, so in our online store you can buy a medical ball Kyiv at the most affordable prices. We ship goods in small and large wholesale, we work with individuals and organizations. Thanks to our own production, we can offer the most favorable prices for products to wholesale buyers and dealer networks. We provide quality certificates for the entire range, as well as a 12-month guarantee. You can order the stuffed ball you like from the catalog of the online store with delivery to any city in Ukraine. Our company works with trusted transport companies - Nova Poshta and Delivery. Residents of Kyiv can independently pick up CrossFit medicine balls from a self-delivery point and not pay for delivery. We also offer courier delivery of goods in Kyiv to the entrance.