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Sports hall flooring

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High-quality soft flooring for the gym is the key to a comfortable workout. The SPORTKO company manufactures and sells wrestling mats and mats for various purposes. Our products are renowned for their reliability, high quality and durability. For more than 12 years we have been supplying soft flooring to halls throughout Ukraine. During this time, hundreds of commercial and non-commercial sports organizations have become our clients. The facts speak for themselves: SPORTKO gym floorings are used in the most famous competitions in various martial arts. Adult athletes and children compete on our mats during championships in judo, classical and Thai boxing, karate, kickboxing, taekwondo and other martial arts. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use SPORTKO gym floor coverings for daily training and regular competitions. We create our products with integrity, so that everyone can receive high-quality mats with a long service life. Requirements for flooring of sports halls In order to ensure absolute comfort and high safety, the price of a gym floor must meet a number of requirements. SPORTKO is an experienced and responsible manufacturer, therefore, in the manufacture of mats, we adhere to the following operational rules: We use non-toxic top material and filler, which are harmless to humans. The high quality of products is confirmed by the presence of domestic and European certificates of conformity. All our mats are mobile and easy to disassemble. You can use both sides of the tatami - they are two-sided. Soft wall mats are used as a soundproofing layer. To increase the grip strength of the coating with feet or shoes, a relief outer coating of the mat is used. In order for the flooring for the gym to remain in one place and no gaps form, the edges of the mats are supplied with strong hooks. Tatami and wrestling mats are easy to clean - their surface can be cleaned with household chemicals. SPORTKO professional floorings for the gym are wear-resistant mats that are resistant to moisture and do not deform from weight and impacts. SPORTKO produces mats of standard hardness, which is 35-40 units, however, each client can order a coating of a different degree of hardness if desired. Types of protective coatings for gyms There is a huge variety of protective coatings for gyms. They differ from each other in purpose, size and materials used for manufacturing. Each of these parameters directly affects the coverage for the gym, the price therefore varies. Types of protective coatings for gyms: By appointment. For trainings of different intensity, products of different densities are used. Mats for gymnastics, physical education and acrobatics are the thinnest, because their density is 80-120 kg / m³. Carpets for wrestling have a density of 100-160 kg / m³, tatami - 140-200 kg / m³. Elastic budo mats are considered to be universal in purpose. For compactness. Manufacturers produce stationary and folding models. Budo mats are like a puzzle, the pieces of which are interchanged and rearranged in any order. By location. Soft flooring for the gym can be floor and wall. By materials. The filler is polyethylene foam (PPE), secondary foam rubber (PVV) and elastic ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). The top is sheathed with leather, PVC or rice straw. In the SPORTKO online store you can buy tatami mats and other types of soft sports flooring. How to choose flooring for the gym When choosing flooring for the gym, pay attention to: Density and thickness of the product. If there are high-impact workouts indoors, the coating should be dense from 100 to 240 kg / m³. For throwing sports, experts recommend using impact-resistant tatami mats 20-40 mm thick. Budo mats are suitable for any gym. Mobility and convenience. With the help of small-sized models, you can arbitrarily change the overall configuration, as well as replace an individual mat in case of damage. Product color. During training and competition, grouping several mats of the same shade will help form separate battle zones. High-quality coating for the gym not only protects athletes from injuries, but also creates the effect of a warm floor due to its thermal insulation properties. Why is it worth buying SPORTKO gym flooring? Reasons why you should buy a mat in the SPORTKO online store: Our company not only sells, but also produces sports flooring, the price is therefore as low as possible, because our customers do not overpay intermediaries. We work on a turnkey basis. We provide product warranties. We carry out delivery across Ukraine. We offer favorable terms of cooperation for dealers. If you are looking for professional dispute coverage