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Sports inventoryTo conduct an effective training of different muscle groups, athletes and amateurs will need a sufficient number of shells and devices. Sports equipment purchased in our online store will help solve any problem and make your body strong, dexterous, enduring. We know well what is needed for training, as we not only sell equipment for the gym, but also produce it ourselves. Types of mandatory sports equipment A modern martial arts gym should have the following training equipment: boxing bags; punching bags; pillows wall direct; uppercut wall pillows; wrestling dummies; medicine balls; boxing paws; horizontal bars and bars. Also, the Ukrainian manufacturer SPORTKO offers to buy sports equipment for children's gyms or corners. With us you will get everything at once, in the literal sense of the word, without leaving your home. On the site in an extensive catalog it is easy to choose everything you need, as the product is presented with real photos and a detailed description. Boxing bags are projectiles with a whole list of possibilities. With their help, the skills of punching and kicking are practiced. Different types of punching bags for training allow you to achieve impressive results. Effectively work with a bag in the form of a silhouette of the enemy. During boxing, the product sways, creating a fighting atmosphere. Depending on the purpose, boxing bags are used from different materials - high-quality and durable PVC, leather, belt leather. A variety of materials serve as filling for boxing equipment: tyrsa, textile flap, leather flap, rubber crumb. Also, cushioning foam can be used. Bags as boxing equipment can be freestanding, hung with special mounts on the wall or ceiling. Suspension accessories can also be purchased at In addition to vertical boxing bags, you can purchase horizontal models from us. Punching bags resemble a human head and allow you to practice near and far punches with your hands. With their help, they hone the accuracy and speed of striking, improve the technique of techniques. Horizontal bars of different types and designs are essential sports equipment for martial arts. They help to pump up biceps, cubes on the torso, gain agility and strength, and quickly achieve victories in battles. You can buy a horizontal bar from us: on the wall; combined with bars. There are amateur models that can withstand up to 130 kg, and professional models that can withstand up to 200 kg. When choosing, they are guided by their weight. Wrestling dummies are ready to go through "fire, water and copper pipes" with you. Stuffed with rags, they perfectly counteract their opponent. Due to the high-quality filler, the products retain their original shape for a long time, allowing fighters, sambists, fans of hand-to-hand combat, judo, etc. to acquire the proper skills. Gymnastic hoops in the assortment of our store occupy an equally popular position. They allow you to achieve accuracy and beauty in movements. With hoops, we buy discs and nozzles. All sports equipment presented on the site - benches, cages, mats, racks and other training devices is designed for both professionals and amateurs. Our advantages For the production of goods, the Sportco company uses only high-quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials without foreign smell. All seams on the products are made in accordance with the established technology, so the inventory has a long service life. A large selection of products at their affordable cost allows you to satisfy any request. We take care of our customers, analyze product reviews, take into account wishes, exclude defects. The company is interested in wholesale deliveries of wrestling equipment. Such applications are priority for us and are carried out in a short time at the most favorable prices. Where to buy sports equipment? The SPORTKO online store has the best selection of sports equipment and accessories in Ukraine. Fast delivery in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and other cities will not make you wait long for a purchase. Leave a request now!