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In the SPORTKO online store, you can rent or buy an MMA octagon made according to world standards. This sports equipment is a ring where mixed martial arts fights take place. Octagons of various sizes, configurations, designs are available on the website of our company. Why an octagon for MMA? The octagon standard was first approved in the United States. According to American rules, the MMA octagon is 32 feet (9.75 m) in diameter. This size is enough for a comfortable fight, so that the fighters show their skills spectacularly and vividly. The MMA octagon prevents fighters from flying off the platform due to the presence of short sides enclosed by a cage. The shape of the equipment prevents fighters from entangling and getting stuck in the platform elements. Thanks to this, the fight takes place without pauses. At the beginning of the development of the sports direction, the MMA octagon was designed only to order in the USA. Mixed martial arts are now popular all over the world. Now the MMA octagon can be bought or rented in Kiev at the SPORTKO company. To do this, you need to leave a request on the website or by calling the phone number specified in the contact information. The company provides flexible terms of cooperation. You can buy an MMA cage and pay for the order in cash or by bank transfer. The firm operates in the legal field of the state. Purchases and rentals are certified with the necessary documents. Types of octagons for ultimate fighting You can buy an MMA cage of this type for both legal entities and individuals. The equipment complies with safety regulations. Mixed martial arts are characterized by a high risk of injury to the fighters, as well as strong blows and fighting techniques with the use of creases and throws. Therefore, hard parts of the structure have soft coatings. The MMA octagon, regardless of the type, consists of the following components: octagonal platform covered with soft PVV flooring and PVC fabric; fencing made of a frame with a netting, installed on each side of the platform (8 pcs.); a gate for fighters to enter the ring; welded frame made of durable steel. The online store contains MMA SPORTKO octagons with a diameter of 5, 6.5, 7 and 8 meters. This is enough to provide sports equipment for a hall of any size. Mixed martial arts rings come in a variety of colors, with or without decorative elements. Thanks to this, you can choose equipment that matches the style of the room. There are 2 types of MMA octagon: on the platform and floor. The platform elevates the ring platform and allows more spectators to see the fight. The ultimate fighting cage with a platform is used in large-scale tournaments. The platform of such equipment, the MMA octagon, consists of 8 racks under the platform, located at its corners. Welded structures of metal trusses are installed on the racks, which are supported by metal reinforcement. The elements are connected to each other with threaded fasteners. The MMA octagon with a platform is equipped with steps for comfortable ascent of fighters into the ring. The floor ring for ultimate fighting is a welded structure made of steel. The equipment consists of 8 frames, bolted together. The platform is installed on a level and solid floor and secured with anchors. Thanks to this, the structure remains stable even during dynamic fights. You can buy an MMA cage at SPORTKO at a convenient time. Compliance with the standards is confirmed by the availability of permits. The octagon without a platform is faster and easier to install. The strength of the structure corresponds to the equipment with the platform, which ensures durability. What determines the cost of the MMA octagon? A wide selection of prices for MMA SPORTKO octagons in Kiev is designed for buyers with different budget levels. This allows a representative of a sports organization or an individual to buy reliable products even with limited funding. The following factors influence the final price of a cell: brand; platform diameter; cage dimensions; octagon type; the presence of decorative elements; design. Regardless of the cost, the MMA octagon meets safety standards. This is confirmed by the availability of certificates. The PVC fabric cover retains its performance after intense fights. It is easy to clean it from dirt with standard detergents. MMA octagon blades are heat-welded. This avoids the formation of seams and irregularities at the junction of parts of the fabric. The metal parts of the MMA cage, which you can buy or rent on favorable terms, are covered with a fabric with a soft filler. Thanks to this, nothing will prevent a fighter from earning a victory. Where to buy octagon MMA? You can buy high quality MMA octagon from SPORTKO. Its staff includes employees who will assemble and set up the ring at the customer's site. This saves him time. Installation is carried out promptly, exactly according to the instructions. In our online store you can rent or buy octagon MMA and other sports