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Any sport activity must be organized in the gym, taking into account the maximum safety of the training participants. Everything is important here, from the material from which the floor is made to the serviceability of the inventory and the quality of the equipment. Gym equipment can be purchased in full in our online store by leaving a request to our managers by phone or online. Range The extensive catalog on the site presents goods of Ukrainian production and the American company Everlast. You can buy from us: hall coverings; rings; MMA cells; benches; horizontal bars; Swedish walls; attachments for pears and sacks, much more. The Sportko company is the largest manufacturer and official supplier of mats and tatami mats. The products have excellent shock absorption, a comfortable, non-slip surface and proven durability. They have varying degrees of hardness and resilience to achieve the desired results. For impact sports, harder tatami mats are produced. Legs do not get stuck in them. To perform throws, the tatami is made softer. This allows you to reduce fall damage. The assortment of the online store includes wall bars. These are whole training complexes created for children and adults. Their advantage is that you can do exercises without leaving the room at a convenient time. The Sportko SK-111 sports complex is successfully equipped with devices for training different muscle groups. With the help of horizontal bars, professionals and amateurs will be able to hone their dexterity, acquire the strength and beauty of movements. We offer different models that can be conveniently attached to a wall, ceiling or free-standing structure. Octagon cages of different diameters and boxing rings will help you hone your fighting skills and achieve victories. If necessary, in Sportco you can order repair of the ring or cage. Replacing damage is less expensive than buying a new product. Our advantages and experience SPORTKO is not only a seller, but also a manufacturer of sports equipment and training equipment for both professionals and amateurs. Our products are in constant demand among buyers, as we produce high quality goods. Feedback from users of our products, which we study in detail, helps to achieve results. Equipment for gyms is invariably in demand at competitions of the Ukrainian and European class. Our products are used in judo, boxing, karate, Thai boxing, taekwondo championships. Also, our products are bought for training soldiers of the Ukrainian army. We provide training supplies for private, commercial and non-profit organizations. In production, only high-quality materials are used, durable and elastic, without foreign odors. All seams of the products are well stitched, which increases their service life. Our specialists work proactively and eliminate possible defects. Where to buy gym equipment? In the Sportko online store you will buy everything at once. Equipment for a gym in Ukraine, produced by our company, is delivered to any city in the country in the shortest possible time. Moreover, all goods will be of consistently high quality, and the price is affordable. A system of favorable discounts has been established for wholesale buyers. Contact us, call now!