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Boxing Ring CLUB SPORTKO 4.5x4.5x0.35m ropes 3.5x3.5m

  • Platform size: 450 cm x 450 cm
  • Platform height: 35 cm.
  • Field size by ropes: 350 cm x 350 cm.
  • Number of ropes: 4 per side.
  • The ropes are stretched at a height: lower 400 mm; Second 710 mm; Third 1020 mm; Fourth 1320 mm.
  • Color: blue, red, white.
  • Mats: 2 cm.
  • Ring cover: reinforced PVC fabric.
  • Covers for poles, ropes, stretch marks: reinforced PVC fabric.

A feature is the lack of attachment to the floor - the ring can be installed on any surface anywhere in the hall. The design of the ring is made in such a way that during the fight between athletes, the platform remains almost silent.

Rings "SPORTKO" are distinguished by increased attention to the safety of athletes: each ring undergoes mandatory pre-sale testing.

The ring has the shape of a regular square with right angles, equal sides and diagonals, with a platform height of 0.6 m. The platform structure consists of sixteen trusses, four corner posts and one central post. Trusses are made of profile pipes 60x40 and 40x40. Trusses are connected to each other, for ease of assembly and disassembly, using sleeve clamps. To ensure maximum rigidity of the ring frame during training and sparring, 2 diagonal cable extensions are provided in the lower part of the platform. Each post has a heel with a screw height regulator, which allows you to set the ring strictly in a horizontal plane.

The surface of the platform consists of plywood sheets 16 mm thick, which are additionally reinforced with metal girders to increase rigidity. Mats of re-foamed polyurethane foam, glued on both sides with jute fabric, are laid on the surface of the platform, which adds rigidity to the mats and prolongs the service life. The platform is covered with reinforced PVC fabric. Grommets are installed along the perimeter of the coating, through which an elastic expander is passed, which tensions and fastens the coating to the platform trusses. External farms have special hooks in the appropriate places, for which the expander is attached. Along the perimeter of the cover, with the help of Velcro, a fabric skirt is attached, which, freely hanging on the sides of the ring, closes the frame of the platform.

4 ropes are stretched along the perimeter of the ring. Corner pads are placed in each corner of the ring. The ring has one blue and one red corner placed diagonally to accommodate the opponents. Neutral corners in white, including cushions and ropes. Ropes are stretched between four corner posts. For each post, in accordance with the color of the corner, a PVC fabric cover is put on. The lower rope is tensioned at a distance of 400 mm. from the cover of the ring, the 2nd - at a distance of 710 mm, the 3rd - at a distance of 1020 mm. and 4th - at a distance of 1320 mm.

To climb into the ring of athletes and their seconds, steps are provided at the red and blue corners. Also included in the package are one steps of white color, for lifting a judge or a doctor. Athletes are provided with blue and red stools.

Contents of delivery:

  1. Corner and central post
  2. Plywood decking boards
  3. Frame trusses
  4. Cross pipes
  5. Mortgages
  6. Cable for diagonal tension
  7. mats
  8. PVC coating
  9. Skirt
  10. Ropes with tension system
  11. Rope chain protection
  12. Expander for tire tension
  13. Corner cushions
  14. Interrope slings
  15. Mounting kit
  16. Steps 3 pcs.
  17. Stool 2pcs.
  18. Passport products

Delivery and assembly is possible throughout Ukraine.

Delivery is carried out disassembled, the final assembly by our specialists is carried out at the customer's site.

Sportko eng
Guarantee 12 месяцев
Inner line of ropes 3,5х3,5м
Ropes 4 на сторону
The height of the platform from the floor 0,35м
Общий размер 4,5х4,5х0,35м

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Boxing Ring CLUB SPORTKO 4.5x4.5x0.35m ropes 3.5x3.5m

  • Brands SPORTKO 
  • Product Code:   Боксерський Ринг КЛУБНИЙ SPORTKO 4,5х4,5х0,35м канати 3,5х3,5м
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