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Dimensions: 60x40x20 cm.
Material: PVC density 600 g/m2.

Frame: metal and wood
Filler: secondary foam foam glued with jute fabric

A wall cushion, also known as a fighting target, is a popular training tool for fighters and martial artists. Listed below are some of the skills you can develop while training on the wall cushion: Punching Techniques: Using a wall cushion can improve a variety of punching techniques, such as punches, kicks, and elbows. Strength and endurance: Training on a wall cushion can help improve muscle strength and endurance. Coordination: By performing various combinations of kicks on the wall cushion, you can improve your coordination and accuracy of movements. Reaction speed: Training on the wall cushion can help develop reaction speed, because the athlete must react quickly to the movements of the target. Increase range of motion: By performing a variety of kicks on the wall pillow, you can improve your range of motion and flexibility. Self-Control: Training on a wall cushion can help an athlete improve their self-control as they must control the force and direction of their punches. Boosting Self-Confidence: Training on a wall cushion can help an athlete boost their self-confidence as they can feel their skills improving with each workout.

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Sportko straight wall pillow 60x40 PVC

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