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Boxing Bag Kirza KRZ-9030

Height: 90 cm.

Diameter: 30 cm.

Weight: 25 kg.

Filling: textile scraps, synthetic fabrics, natural leather.

Kirza is a strong multi-layered cotton fabric, impregnated with a benzene solution of synthetic rubber, and then thermally processed to form a film-like layer on the outside. The surface of the Kirza is usually subjected to thermal embossing to imitate the texture of pigskin. In folklore, Kirza is also called "devil's skin."

The word "Kirza" is derived from the name of a rough cotton fabric - kersey, which was originally used to make this leather substitute. The name of the material is associated with its place of production - the village of Kersey in Suffolk county.

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Boxing bag Kirza KRZ-9530: Height: 95 cm. Diameter: 30 cm. Weight: 25 kg.

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