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The SPORTKO press roller is designed for professional use in high-stress gyms. The base of the wheel is molded durable plastic, on which a tire made of durable dense rubber is planted by vulcanization.

The main load is assumed by a steel axle with an M10 thread. The smoothness of the course is ensured by the metal sleeve of the slide. Handles are made of elastic plastic with fine perforation.

The SPORTKO press wheel is very easy to assemble and is ready to use just a minute after unpacking. You don't need any additional tools for this.


Wheel diameter - 145 мм

Handle length - 125 мм

Wheel material - plastic, rubber

Handle material - plastic

Base, axis - metal

The maximum user weight is 150 kg.

 Тhat kind of simulator, like the SPORTKO gymnastic roller, is effective not only for the press, exercises with it create significant loads on the muscles of the back and shoulders. To a lesser extent, the hips, buttocks and neck are worked out. Such a complex study of the muscles of the body will allow you to tighten your buttocks and abs, improve your posture and pump your arms. Training with a wheel involves several muscle groups at once, so they use a gymnastic roller not only for the press, but also in fat burning exercises (due to increased calorie consumption).



Sportko eng
Base, axis метал
Maximum user weight 150 кг.
Wheel material пластик, резина
Диаметр колеса 145 мм
Длина ручек 125 мм
Материал ручек пластик

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Press roller (press wheel) SPORTKO

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